SuperAbrasives: Concentration, Additives & Fillers

The performance of superabrasive products can be enhanced by modifying the concentration, using various additives or fillers in product formulation or adjusting product structure with the use of pore inducers.


measures the CBN or diamond volume as a percentage of the total volume of the product. Concentration has a significant impact on the material removal rate, wheel life and cost of the product. In general, high concentrations are suitable for small contact area applications and low concentrations are best suited for applications with large contact areas. Choosing the best concentration for the job can optimize the stock removal, life of the abrasive tool as well as process economics.

Secondary abrasives

may be added to improve manufacturability, process economics and obtain desired process outcomes.


is not an abrasive material but is sometimes used to enhance the visual appearance of the workpiece. Blends of graphite and abrasive material such as aluminum oxide combine the benefits of lubricity from graphite with the cutting action of abrasive material.

Pore inducers

can help to add empty space in the abrasive stones matrix. Pore inducers can help keep temperature down and keep the stone from loading during finishing.