Conventional Abrasives: Treatment & Additives

In order to improve the performance of conventional abrasive products, cetrain additives may be included in the product formation.

Sulfur or wax

treatment is commonly used to fill the porosity of stones. This provides lubricity to the contact area and reinforces the abrasive particles. Treated products tend to act harder, provide longer life, produce finer finishes and are less apt to “load”. Sulfur tends to act harder than wax treated stones of the same hardness. Wax is preferred where the use of sulfur could result in stains, or where ease of filtration is a major consideration.


is not an abrasive material but is sometimes used to enhance the visual appearance of the workpiece. Blends of graphite and abrasive material such as aluminum oxide combine the benefits of lubricity from graphite with the cutting action of abrasive material.

Pore inducers

can help to add porosity to the abrasive stones matrix. Pore inducers can help keep temperature down and keep the stone from loading during finishing.