Darmann has developed over 10,000 products for over 250 customers worldwide that represent a wide variety of applications.

The following is a representative sample of products:

Automotive Chassis Products

Shock Absorber Rods

Strut Rods

Steering Racks

Power Steering Pump Components

Transmission Components

Constant Velocity Joints

Flanged Wheel Bearing Units

Universal Joints

Fuel Pump Components

Automotive Engine Products

Lifter Roller Pins

Fuel Injection Components

Piston Pins

Camshaft Lobes

Crankshaft Journals

Diesel Engine

Camshaft Lobes and Journals

Fuel Injection Components

Cam Folloer Rollers


Cylinder Rods

Pump Gear Journals

Pump Gear Face

Spherical End Pump Pistons


Ball Bearing Raceways

Tapered Roller Cups and Cones

Tapered Rollers

Cylindrical Rollers and Races

Spherical Rollers and Races

Needle Rollers

Miniature Bearings

Ceramic Bearings

Specialty Bearings


Hip Implant: Femoral Heads

Hip Implant: Femoral Sockets

Elbow Implant Spheres

Spine Components

Additional Markets

Semiconductor Dressing Boards

Dressing Sticks

Jointer Stones

Finger Print Pads

Sharpening Stones and Wheels

Aerospace & Defense

Industrial Products