Darmann  offers a wide range of cup wheel (Type 6) and cylindrical wheel (Type 2) sizes for the finishing of femoral ball-and-sockets.  Darmann  can custom manufacture any dimensional requirement up to 100mm (outside diameter). DAP will also pre-dress the wheel to any custom form for ball or socket finishing.

Grit sizes for finishing of femoral ball-and-sockets typically range from 600 grit to 1200 grit (in the FEPA designation) for roughing and finish operations. Typical abrasive types include the use of Green Silicon Carbide, White Aluminum Oxide or Diamond.

Darmann  has recently developed a new Resin Bonded 3000 grit (FEPA designation) wheel with the intent in helping our customers in reducing or eliminating post-superfinish polishing operations, thus providing a dramatic decrease in total cycle time and cost.

Darmann  can offer custom wheel sizes in addition to customizing the abrasive formulation from grit size, hardness level and internal structure (porosity), in order to maximize the customer’s current process. These efforts are to achieve faster stock removal for improved cycle times, while maintaining the most stringent  finish quality criterion required by our customers. Additionally, DAP offers free test samples and on-going technical support to help our customers achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Darmann  has a proven track record of success in the finishing of femoral ball-and-socket applications. We are proud to be the abrasive supplier of choice to the  many worldwide customers in this field.