Our offering for flat finishing/grinding:

DAP offers a wide range of cup wheel (Type 6) sizes for the flat finishing of transmission pinion gears or other flat surfaces. The sizes range from a 65mm to 100 mm outside diameter, however DAP can custom manufacture any dimensional requirement up to 100mm (outside diameter).

What is the grit size range:

Grit sizes for flat finishing of pinion gears range from 240 grit to 600 grit in the FEPA designation. The most optimum abrasive type used in this application is Fused Aluminum Oxide (FA designation).

Why use Darmann’s products?

DAP can offer custom wheel sizes in addition to customizing the abrasive specification from a grit size, hardness level and internal structure (porosity) in order to maximize the customer’s current process to achieve faster stock removal for improved cycle times, while maintaining required quality criterion.

Additionally, DAP offers free test samples and technical support to help our customers achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Our Record:

DAP has a proven track record of success in the flat finishing of pinion gears and we are proud to call many automotive manufacturers and their part suppliers our customers.

Please check out a case study in the case-study section.

Case Studies