Dressing Sticks

Darmann offers a full line of hand held aluminum oxide and silicon carbide dressing sticks for truing and cleaning diamond and CBN abrasive wheels. Regular use of the proper dressing stick will help you achieve maximum performance from your wheel. Dressing sticks are also used by tool and die makers for polishing and removing small burrs. Available in a variety of sizes and specifications with grits ranging from 150 to 1200 FEPA.

Dressing Boards for Dicing Applications

The abrasive tool used to condition the ultra-thin dicing blades for wafer slicing of silicon materials for fiber optics and semiconductors is a dressing board. This abrasive plate extends the life of the dicing blade by exposing the diamond crystals of the dicing blade matrix. A new blade must be conditioned prior to use and periodically thereafter to expose new sharp diamonds to improve performance, kerf quality and reduce blade loading.

Darmann offers a complete line of tight tolerance, resin and vitrified bonded Dressing Boards available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, as well as custom sizes to suit a specific application. Dressing boards are available in aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives, treated and untreated.

Conditioning Disks

Darmann vitreous bonded abrasive conditioning disks are ideally suited for conditioning fixed abrasive composite diamond pads used in double side grinding and lapping of “advanced Materials” for the optics, LED silicon and semiconductor industries. Conditioning disks serve to perform initial break-in of the pad or wheel and subsequent periodic conditioning to assure a consistent cut rate, improved productivity and less surface imperfections.

Darmann disks are available in aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives, grit sizes ranging from 150 to 1200 FEPA and custom sizes to suit standard hole-cut carriers.