Introducing the X-Series Family of Products

Darmann announces the commercial release of the X-Series family of products. These induced porosity products complement the company’s existing superfinishing products. Customers that are experiencing “loading”, inconsistent incoming roughness or require better stock removal may want to consider these products.

“These products have been developed to address the needs of customers with specific superfinishing requirements not adequately addressed by products commercially available. After extensive field testing, we are confident that this product represents a significant improvement.”

Irv Hale, Director of Business Development

X-series products are available in conventional as well as CBN materials. They are available in customer specified stone and wheel shapes.

Darmann Abrasive Products, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets fine grit, bonded abrasive products for superfinishing, precision grinding, honing and dressing applications. We provide superior engineered, customized products and responsive customer support.

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